Euan MacDonald on Australia Wide Boat Sales

Euan MacDonald

Our skipper! Euan has built Australiawide Boat Sales into one of the most successful boat brokerages in Australia. Since taking over the business in 2003, Euan has sold some 700 boats! His formidable knowledge of all things nautical is the back-bone of the business honed from years sailing and travelling the world on Super-yachts and since arriving in Australia, cruising much of the local waters. His love of classic sailing vessels is evident with some of the beautiful timber yachts he's lovingly restored and more often than not raced with phenomenal success.

With a young family and his dedication to the local sailing community he's become something of a feature around the Manly fore-shore and no matter how busy is always happy to offer help and advice to anyone sharing his passion for boating.

Detlef Bauer on Australia Wide Boat Sales

Detlef Bauer

Detlef got into boats relatively late, beginning in his early 30's whilst working as a television producer, but when the bug hit there was no stopping him. Sailing out of the CYCA he cut his teeth on racing with numerous major blue water events under his belt. Detlef has also delivered yachts throughout the Pacific and Asia accumulating over 40,000 sea miles.

Fine food and wine is another passion and you can be confident that any time on land or water with the debonair Detlef will usually include a great meal and an even greater bottle of wine or two. Detlef is Mr Customer Service, and will always go the extra mile to ensure he exceeds his customers' expectations. Just check out his testimonials!

Diarmuid Deans Australiawide Boat Sales

Diarmuid Deans - Administration and IT Support

Diarmuid provides administration and Information Technology support to the brokerage. He updates the company websites, manages social media campaigns and advises the broker principal on a range of IT, administration and business practice issues.

Diarmuid is also a keen sailor and as a former broker he has a sound understanding of the new and used boating sales industry.